9H3MR and 9H3LEO Malta DXpedition 2005

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QSL OK via IK1PMR direct (both 9H3MR and 9H3LEO).
Buro cards are welcome too, but there is no guarantee that the buro will handle all of them (ARI asks for an extra contribution each year per callsign to handle buro cards).

Operators: 9H3MR by Andrea IK1PMR (mainly CW)
9H3LEO by Claudia K2LEO (mainly RTTY)
QTH: Xlendi Bay, Gozo Island (IOTA EU-023), Malta
Lodging: 2 rooms apartment with view over the Xlendi Bay.
Equipment: Radios: Elecraft K2/100 and Kenwood TS-440S
Antennas: 30/40/80m vertical; 20m vertical dipole on fishing pole; 12/17m dipoles; 40m horizontal dipole.
2 IBM ThinkPad laptops;
Multi-mode interface by I1QEQ;
Bandpass filters;
Software: WriteLog 10.52, MMTTY, DX Atlas.
Skeds: We are happy to accept skeds on 80m-10m CW/SSB/RTTY if you need 9H on any band/mode. Please let us know!
Sponsors: Many thanks to: 9H5JO, I2YSB, IK1ZJB, IK2GNW, IW1CPG, IZ1ESM
Links on Malta: Malta (Lonely Planet) (in english)
Ferries and bus info: Virtu Ferries from Sicily to Malta
Gozo Channel from Malta to Gozo
Bus in Sicilia
Malta.it (in italian)
Ministero di Gozo

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