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Benin DXpedition March 2006 : Guestbook

date: 2006-03-23
From: W1GL
Many thanks for 160M QSO! Your signal was very good just after local sunset.
73, TED: W1GL

date: 2006-03-23
From: K3JJG
Excellent operating on 160!  Tnx new one 
  on 1.8 Mhz on 23 March @ 0021Z 599/599 with
  TY5MR. All the best!  73, Ed Chance K3JJG

date: 2006-03-20
From: KK4SI
Please 160 CW for NA Thanks Stan KK4SI
Hello Stan. We're QRV for all parts of the world (and we worked more stations from US then EU on 160m (including you), even if our sponsors are all EU foundations). 73/dx de TY team
date: 2006-03-24
From: W8HB
Need you on TOP BAND..... I heard you fairly well on 3-24-06 at abt 0009UTC...
Please keep trying on 160 for stateside abt the same time or earlier into 8
73 de Mike / W8HB
Hello Mike. We're glad to see you worked us on 160m, 80m, 30m! Not bad really. 73/dx de TY team
date: 2006-03-24
From: JA1WPX
Need 40m I heard in 16 Mar Gud Sig on 40m CW 
but heavy windy here and just crankdown my ANT
PS: TKS New one on 30m & RTTY  CAIO
It was a pleasure to work you on 40m, 30m, 20m and RTTY. 73/dx de TY team
date: 2006-03-23
From: N4XD
Thanks for coming to topband yesterday! Nice to work you there for a new one!
73 Ron N4XD

date: 2006-03-25
From: K1BW
TNX 160m QSO!!
73 Ron K1BW

date: 2006-03-28
From: W9YSX
Thanks very much for a new one on Top Band, Andrea!  Really fun working you
and you had a great signal.  73, Skip W9YSX

date: 2006-03-27
From: W2PKY
Your 160m signal peaked up to S9+ when we worked last evening. I almost thought it
was a local station calling on the frequency! Very exciting, thanks for the
QSO and new country. Best of luck to everyone on this DXpedition.

date: 2006-03-28
From: GU0SUP
Excellent operation!
Managed to work both TY5MR and TY5LEO during the BARTG HF Contest, and also
worked TY4TW on 17m last Sunday.
Thanks for the new band slots!

date: 2006-03-18
Worked you with my new callsign SM5DXCC and this IS a valid callsign. March
18th 2006 at 0149 UTC on 3.5 MHz CW. Thanks!

date: 2006-03-31
From: coco5123@sprintmail.com
Worked TY4TW on 14 MHz SSB using 100 watts into flagpole (vertical) antenna
--- excellent operator --- thanks for the new one!

Date: 24 Mar 2006
From: IV3TDM
Ciao Andrea,
bentornato per quando farai rientro e grazie per il New-One in 160, mi mancava
e sono contento.
Oltretutto, mi hai risposto immediatamente, alla prima chiamata mentre stavo
ancora accordando l'amplificatore.

date: 2006-04-02
From: I5JHW
Scusa sono sempre Giovanni, mi sono dimenticato di farti i complimenti per la
grande e ottima attivitą che stai facendo in radio, vi ho collegato anche in
questa ultima avventura in Benin. Di nuovo 73, de I5JHW Giovanni

date: 2006-04-02
From: K8IW
Hey Andrea,
Thanks for sharing the pictures of your dexpedition to Benin, and thanks for
my first CW contact with Benin. I hope you had a great trip. 
73 and best of luck/DX. 
Mike K8IW

date: 2006-03-30
From: WA5POK
GREAT JOB on 160! Many Thanks!
Best 73, Mike WA5POK

date: 2006-03-30
From: KW0U
Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent work your group did in the
DXpedition.  Good signals in many places from this rare one.  Very glad to
have made a QSO, but that doesn/`t matter--you were all fine operators.  I
hope you had a lot of fun and got to see the eclipse.  No need to respond.
Richard KW0U

date: 2006-03-28
From: N5GH
I have not worked you on 160 yet. I heard you good for three hours two days
ago but could not get through. Hopefully you will be on 160 again. Great job
and fantastic ops. Thanks and 73. George Hancock, N5GH

date: 2006-03-28
From: JA1MSS
I was contact today (3/29) 22:04 30m CW with TY5MR. But I am not
sure he get my call correctly. please check it QSO.
thanks nice QSO and I wish see you another Benin DX pedition station. Good
luck to your party.73
Dear OM, you'e ok in our log on 30m, thanks.
date: 2006-03-30
From: K0JUH
Hello Andrea
re: TY5MR  Tnx for #180 on 160!  I will send my QSL direct. Could I impose on
you for a short story about operating on 160 from Benin? It would be published
in our club newsletter at www.tcdxa.org  Thank You.  73, Jim, K0JUH

Date: 1 Apr 2006
From: PA3GCV
Hi All, i hope that you had a pleasent trip back home. And have a good rest
because you did all well.
Also to Andrea, thanks for the good effort on the lowbands. The first night
was the best signal on 160m, I heard you evry night but signals were not so
strong as on the first night. Most of the times 539 till 569, I have read
many emails from US guys and they were very glad with the good operation on
Top Band, I know that the static is amazing over there and I think this was
the hardest part to deal with. But you made many HAM's  happy with an NEW One
on topband.
My congratulations for that, and the next drink in Friederichshafen is from
Have a nice wekend and see you.
Henk, PA3GCV

Note from TY5MR/IK1PMR: Thanks Henk. The 160m effort was possible thanks to the great friendship and cooperation between us: Ronald transported and installed most of the low bands antennas including the K9AY loop, all operators were cooperative (shutting down to allow 160m operation). We agreed to focus on different bands (160m TY5MR, 80/40m TY5WP, 12/10m TY4TW, RTTY TY5LEO) to reduce the number of duplicates. So, if you made a QSO, the whole TY group is responsible for that, I was just the one who logged the contact, when possible. We had problems with the inverted L antenna so we started operations on 160m with some delay. The K9AY was very close to our shack. The beverage was too short and not exactly pointed to Europe due to space constraints. You're right, QRN was something terrible, the worst I ever experienced. It was much harder than from 6O (maybe due to the season or to a lower antenna) and making QSOs was very often so close to operator's limits. Few times I had to wait 5-10 minutes to copy a single callsign and make the QSO. It was a good exercise for patience, and sometimes a good opportunity to sleep for few minutes.
date: 2006-03-22
From: DK5WJ
Tnx Claudia for qso on 18 and 21, where my antenna is rather bad. You really
have very good ears!!
I heard TY5MR on 80m in qso with 7X0RY in BARTG. Will you be on 80 RTTY again?
You all are doing a very good job!
Juergen DK5WJ

date: 2006-03-17
From: AA5VU
Thanks for the new RTTY country on 17-Mar at 2142z on 15 Meters.  I will QSL
later and hope to work you again in the BARTG.
Thanks for being there
73, Dick AA5VU
Austin, Texas

date: 2006-03-19
From: N6NPG
Thank you Andrea for coming back to me.  The first time you came back to me, I
got so excited that I hit the wrong switch and turned the rig off.  Very one
was calling you and not listening.  Tks agn N6NPG Tom

date: 2006-03-19
From: WA3FRP
too much QRM with the BARTG...maybe a RTTY QSO during the week???
Ciao  Russ WA3FRP
We're happy to see you worked us on 20m and 17m RTTY!
date: 2006-03-20
From: YO7LCB
Hi guys,
I need you on 40 and 80 m as a new one!Hope to work you!73 Chris YO7LCB
We're happy to see you worked us on both 40m and 80m and more bands!
date: 2006-03-20
From: HB9BYZ
To TY5MR: Tnx Andrea fr my first CW-QSO with Benin: March, 20, 2006, at 10:04
on 18 MHz. Gud sigs into EU. 73 de Peter, HB9BYZ

date: 2006-03-20
From: K8PG
40MTRS,CW AND 20 MTRS CW AT 22;00utc anyways you folks beCAREFULL! AND HAVE
           DE K8PG-PAUL
We're happy to see you worked us on both 20m, 40m and 80m!

date: 2006-03-20
From: KT0DX
Thanks for the new RTTY country on RTTY.  Worked TY5LEO on the first call from
Colorado on a day when band conditions were not all that great.  You must of
had a great setup to be able to hear me!

date: 2006-03-21 02:08:05
From: NX4D
Any possibility of 160m QRV during the DX/`Pedition?
We're happy to see you worked us on both 160m and 80m!
date: 2006-03-21
From: K4UTE
Need badly on 160. When will they start on
top band? Dick
We're happy to see you worked us on both 160m and 80m!
date: 2006-03-22
From: N7AXW
Are you going to be able to give Ws a good shot at it, preferably on ssb, on
one of the traditional highbands (15 or 20) at a time when propagation is
favorable for us? Been looking for you and hope to cu. Enjoy your
dxpedition... N7AXW, Don
We're happy to see you worked us on 20m SSB.
date: 2006-03-22
From: k1bw
160 m please!
We worked you on 160m!
date: 2006-03-25
From: jh4cbm
When do you plan to QRV Low Bands for Asia/JAs? It seems always Calling NA/Ws
on 17m around 20-21z during JA sun rise.
Yes, we were able to run only one station on the low bands due to interferences, but anyway we worked you on 80m!
date: 2006-03-27
From: W6WTG
Any chance to do SSB on 20 meters?
Terry W6WTG
Of course, we worked 20m almost every day for NA. Nice to see you're on our log for 20m SSB!
ate: 2006-03-27 03:32:45
From: kc7v
Good job from TY. I operated topband from there in 1995.  You have the grid
incorrect on QRZ.com for TY5MR.  It is 2 degrees East, not West so grid should
be JJ16(dn) I think.
Great work guys!
Mike KC7V
TY5MF back then
TNX. Great job from your QTH working us on 160m and 80m!
Date: 2 Apr 2006
From: K6SE
Tnx for my 160m country #196!
73, de Earl, K6SE

Date: 2 Apr 2006
From: W8HB
You guys did a great job! Congrats on a super operation and tnx for top
band! I needed you only on the three bands that I managed to work! Nice
signal all the way around! The best to all of the operators!
Take care and see you agn in the future!

date: 2006-04-06
From: XE1IH
Many thanks Tom TY4TW for my only one NEW ONE on 14 m
I listened to you with some problems in the Mexico City and in the twiligths
of the expedition Good job carried by the team 73,s Dxs XE1IH Enrique.